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It is Alipay payment treasure settlement and WeChat Pay (fine trust support), which makes it indispensable for business and purchasing goods with China.

For Japanese and foreign customers to use and charge Alipay and WeChat Pay, bank accounts in China are required.

With Quick-Pay as a Hong Kong company, we are offering charge substitution services to Alipay and WeChat Pay while challenging the industry's lowest fee for foreign customers and Japanese. For detailed information on each service, please refer to the menu after selecting from the menu. We ask for detailed price lists and requests from "ORDER".

Service 1


Service 2

Paypal is possible

Service 3

Payment with bank transfer or bit coin is possible.

Service 4

Charging is possible in 30 minutes

Service 5

It is possible to correspond in English. Moreover, it corresponds to inquiries by skype and online chat.

Service 6

If you wish to charge at a specific amount please contact us.

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