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1,890元など指定の金額で充填されたい場合はお手数ですがお問合せ下さい。 注文情報をご確認ください。



3.この製品はWeChat Appスキャンコードまたは、Red Packetによる手続きで行います。アカウントを記入する必要はありません。ただし代行IDからの友達認証依頼が届いた際は認証して下さい。


4.注文が出荷されるのを待って、Red Packetによる手続きを受け入れる、または、WeChat Appを開き、領収ページでQRコードをスキャンして再充填してください。








The amount will change with the rate of 9:00 every morning.

Description of item:

WeChatPay (Financial Support) can be used for games and shopping.

How to receive items:

1. After payment is successful, we will automatically send the QR code to your User Center.

2. In the User Center, find the QR code with the details of the corresponding order and scan the code that receives the item using WeChat's "scan" function.

method of payment:

1. We accept payment from various credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB).

3. Bitcoin

4. Bank transfer

Purchasing process:

1. Please purchase according to the amount you want to fill. For example, if you want 1,000 yuan, we will purchase with quantity 1. If you wish 2000 yuan, we will purchase with quantity 2.

If you would like to be filled with the specified amount, such as 1,890 yuan, please contact us sorry to trouble you sorry to trouble you. Please confirm the order information.

2. Please send the order from the shopping cart and make payment. We usually fill within 24 to 48 hours after payment is confirmed. In case of expensive filling, please understand beforehand that there is a case of identity confirmation and we will contact you.

3. This product is done by WeChat App scan code or Red Packet procedure. You do not need to fill in an account. However, please be sure to certify when a friend authentication request from the substitute ID arrives.

4. Wait for the order to ship and accept the procedure with Red Packet or open WeChat App and scan and recharge the QR code on the receipt page.

5. Because it will be a charge substitution, we do not support survey of charge destination and pre-authentication of account etc. Please check on your order so that we can order.

6. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. Since Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are not open, the procedure will be the next business day.

WeChatPay(微信支付) 微信游戏/微店代购 1000RMB

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