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商品説明:USD100/JPY16000 です。数量5の場合はUSD500を充填致します。





2.送金の目的をご記入ください。(どのような商品の購入なのかをお知らせください。商品ページのURL 、eBayの決済であればアイテムナンバーなど)






1,890USDなど指定の金額で充填されたい場合はお手数ですがお問合せ下さい。 注文情報をご確認ください。



Description of item:

We will charge on Paypal account or pay for ebay seller etc. Please inform us separately when you wish to pay by the customer's specified amount (USD 198 etc.).

How to receive items:

1. Please fill out the recipient's paypal address.

2. Please describe the purpose of the remittance. (Please let us know what kind of item you are purchasing, such as product page URL, eBay payment, item number etc.)

method of payment:

1. We accept payment from various credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB).
2. Bitcoin

3. Bank transfer

Purchasing process:

1. Please purchase according to the amount you want to fill. For example, if you wish 100USD, we will purchase it in quantity 1. If 200USD is desired, we will purchase it with quantity 2.

If you wish to be filled at a specified amount, such as 1,890 USD, please contact us although it is sorry to trouble you. Please confirm the order information.

2. Please send the order from the shopping cart and make payment. Usually we will fill within 30 minutes from 12 hours after payment is confirmed. In case of expensive filling, please understand beforehand that there is a case of identity confirmation and we will contact you.

Charge to Paypal ペイパルアカウントへのチャージ USD100

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